southern properties rental management


Our in-house graphics department creates a full color brochure full of photos and details about your rental. Graphic designers measure and photograph the interior and exterior, as well as notate any other points of interest, such as parks, attractions, or schools. Additionally, they take seasonal front shots, so your home has a relevant photo all year round.

QR Codes The QR codes on the brochure and sign in front of the property take potential renters directly to your rental webpage on our website, giving them direct mobile access to information about your property, letting them easily view photos and videos.

Social Media

follow us everywhere Your rental is marketed aggressively on the internet. We place ads with tons of detailed photos, floor plans, and even videos everywhere from Craigslist to Youtube, Trulia, Zillow,, and even our own extensive website where your home gets its own page.


showings Southern Properties has a full staff ready to show your rentals whenever the need arises. You can take care of your other responsibilities, either your job or family, secure in the knowledge that there are dedicated people taking care of showing your property. Let us help you find tenants; leave the work to us. One of the hardest things about the rental process is finding the right renter for your home. Southern properties simplifies the process for you by vetting all potential renters. We go through a full background check, rental history, and employment verification to make sure that you not only get a good renter, but also that they can afford the property that they want.